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    ATMs Around The Country Have Been Lit Ever Since The ₹500 And ₹1,000 Notes Were Discontinued

    Well, this is an unfortunate side effect.

    Earlier tonight, PM Modi announced that the ₹500 and ₹1,000 notes would not be considered legal, effective midnight, in a move to curb corruption and black money.

    Money Sharma / AFP / Getty Images

    Modi also announced that ATMs will be shut around India on November 9, and also on November 10 in some parts of the country.

    Prakash Singh / AFP / Getty Images

    While the move has caught everyone by surprise, the first thing people have realised they need to do is withdraw cash while they still can.

    Chandan Khanna / AFP / Getty Images

    And this has resulted in ATMs around the country seeing lines longer than they've ever seen before.

    ATM at Surat At least 1 KM Long Queue at #ATM Public at ATM #BlackMoney

    People have been swarming like bees in an effort to keep money handy for the next couple of days.

    Too Long atm line.. #currencydominations

    And the chaos is everywhere.

    The queue infront of Office ATM is getting increased! Lage Raho Modi Ji! Eet ka jawab pathar se😊😊#BlackMoney

    From New Delhi...

    Huge que at @bankofbaroda ATM. I think Govt.should give time.

    ... To Mumbai.

    Have never seen such long lines in front of ATM machines before.. we r very proud of u sir @narendramodi…

    Getting cash is such an impossible mission right now that some people have even taken to showing off their successful completion of it.

    Became success @ Jubilehills ATM Blessed with 100rs notes Feeling lyk flithy rich now Need Z cader security to go H…

    Basically, any plans Indians had tonight are culminating in front of a cash dispenser right now.

    ATM bang opp to my house 😝😂😝😂😝😂 @raghunathan_ps @AnjanaVJ @divya_ns

    Meanwhile, banks after the announcement: