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    Posted on 30 Dec 2015

    A Redditor Made Some Hilarious Honest Ads For Facebook's Free Basics

    "Join your ignorant friends by showing support for what is misleadingly called a 'Digital India'."

    In case you missed it, Facebook has recently gone on an advertising spree for its Free Basics platform in India, despite widespread opposition from net neutrality supporters online.

    The Times of India

    The ads use images of everyday Indians overlaid with text about how Free Basics helps improve their lives.

    In response, Redditor snorlaxusedrest decided to protest Facebook's campaign with some ads of his own.

    The posters spoof the Free Basics ads with some honestly exaggerated copy about what changes the platform might really bring about for India.

    December 30 is the last date to lodge a response with the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India in opposition to Free Basics and other anti-net neutrality platforms.

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