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Zara Is Selling Lungis For £69 (Nice) Because White People, Amirite?

Chennai Express finally isn't the worst thing to happen to lungis anymore.

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First-world fashion brands have had a long history of taking style cues from different cultures around the globe, and rebranding them to sell for huge profits.

Dear @ASOS, if you really want to be a cultural appropriation enabler, the least you can do is call it a Tikka, not…

Well, say hello to their latest attempt at a cash grab, as Zara has decided to sell the humble lungi as a "checked mini skirt" in the United Kingdom, for the cool price of £69.99 only.


That's over ₹6,000 FYI. For one frikkin' lungi!

Zara's version of the lungi is described as a "flowing skirt with draped detail in the front. Front slit detail at the hem. Zip fastening in the back hidden along the seam". *rolling eyes emoji*

Zara seems to be selling a skirt that looks suspiciously like a lungi for $69.99 (Rs 4460) lol.…

It's not that desis are outraged, but they are here to mock anyone who falls for the scam. I mean, in India, you can literally buy a new lungi every week of the year, and still have money left over from your £69 budget.

A £69.99 skirt from @ZARA that looks like a south Asian male skirt (lungi) that costs less than £1 😂😂😂

The really smart Indians are actually those who're busy putting finishing touches on their own scams.

me: *ties two old dupatta scarves together* me: so this is the authentic original shaman guruji tantric costume. i…

And going by how many times major corporations have pulled off similar stunts in Western countries, there's no reason to believe it won't work out for these savvy entrepreneurs.

In keeping with the lungi skirt by Zara have come up with some fab outfits: Little Madisaar Dress Angavastram Anorak Soranai Scarf

Over the years, the lungi has faced much abuse at the hands of outsiders who refuse to respect it...

But you know what? It's way too cool a style statement to be ruined by anyone (even a thrusting KRK).


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