17 Kaafi Useless Things All Indians Were Taught In School That We've Never Needed As Adults

    Trigger warning – may bring back some horrendous childhood memories.

    1. Collecting different types of leaves and soil, and pasting them in a scrapbook for holiday homework projects.

    2. Drawing the map of India... BY HAND.

    3. Memorising the course of India's major rivers and marking them out with a pencil.

    4. Cursive writing.

    5. Long division.

    6. Doing calculations using log tables.

    7. Basically, any mathematics that an average person can't do in their head.

    8. Using a protractor.

    9. Drawing a triangle using a compass.

    10. Drawing number lines.

    11. Using graph paper to chart IRL graphs.

    12. Learning the symbols for chemical elements, and memorising the entire fucking periodic table.

    13. Distillation.

    14. Drawing shapes using Logo – a computer language that was outdated even in the '90s.

    15. Marching in a single file, multiple days of the week, in the hot sun.

    16. Memorising historical dates... down to the day.

    17. And this.