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This Punjabi Strongman Got Hit In The Balls With A Sledgehammer For A Bizarre World Record Attempt

*Crosses legs uncomfortably*

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Meet Punjabi "Steel Man" Amandeep Singh, who claims he can do over 3,000 amazing and super freaky stunts.

Steelman Amandeep / Via

These stunts include everything from lifting a bike to having a car run over him.

The bizarre stunt was part of a world record attempt that included 10 other strongman feats, such as breaking 53 beer bottles with his bare hands and lifting two bikes on his shoulders.

"It is just my zeal for the game that motivates me to go beyond my limits every time I do a stunt. But there is not much money to motivate young stuntmen to come forward and try this," Singh told Daily Mail.

Singh is currently waiting for Guinness World Record officials to verify his attempt and enter the book.

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