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    25 Oct 2016

    This Punjabi Strongman Got Hit In The Balls With A Sledgehammer For A Bizarre World Record Attempt

    *Crosses legs uncomfortably*

    Meet Punjabi "Steel Man" Amandeep Singh, who claims he can do over 3,000 amazing and super freaky stunts.

    Steelman Amandeep / Via

    These stunts include everything from lifting a bike to having a car run over him.

    However, Singh really outdid himself recently when he volunteered to get hit in the groin with a sledgehammer... Not once, but TEN times.

    Daily Mail / Via

    If you think there's no contact being made, he even got a brick smashed on his crotch for proof.

    Daily Mail / Via

    The bizarre stunt was part of a world record attempt that included 10 other strongman feats, such as breaking 53 beer bottles with his bare hands and lifting two bikes on his shoulders.

    Daily Mail / Via

    "It is just my zeal for the game that motivates me to go beyond my limits every time I do a stunt. But there is not much money to motivate young stuntmen to come forward and try this," Singh told Daily Mail.

    Daily Mail / Via

    But maybe young stuntmen aren't coming forward because it'll involve them getting hit in the balls with a fucking sledgehammer, bro.

    Daily Mail / Via

    Singh is currently waiting for Guinness World Record officials to verify his attempt and enter the book.

    View this video on YouTube

    Meanwhile, here's a random GIF for your viewing pleasure:

    Daily Mail / Via

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