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9 Brands That Should've Left Women's Day The Fuck Alone

It's NOT about shopping.

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It's International Women's Day, a time to appreciate women for all their achievements โ€“ economic, political, social, and otherwise. What it is NOT, is a day for companies to cash in on said women.

Happy Brands Telling Women How To Be A Woman Day.

1. Womenโ€™s Day is *not* the time to equate "women" with "homemakers".

Like, seriously?
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Like, seriously?

2. It's not about assuming that their homes are their responsibility alone.

3. Using the occasion to promote a show about women, and then making a man the face of it? Nope.

4. Women's Day should definitely not be rebranded as "Women's Shopping Day".

Big Bazaar

5. Because it REALLY isn't about shopping.

6. It's not about making them happy by buying them clothes.

7. It's not about dressing like an angel.

8. It's not about free mocktails.

9. And it's definitely not about "shaking the booty" at a fashion show.

Instead, let's celebrate achievements like these...

On this #womensday, a special shout out to @isro :) You make us proud ๐Ÿ‘

Let us appreciate their strength.

Here's to all the women who are scripting their fairytales themselves! #InternationalWomensDay #CheckOutMyGame

And let's just work towards making things better before next year, shall we?