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14 Drivers In India Who Definitely Didn't Reach Their Passengers On Time

Even Apple Maps wasn't this bad.

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1. Mr. Rai

Wow! My @MeruCabs cab is in the Atlantic Ocean!

2. Mr. Radhakrishna

I don't think my Uber driver will make it in time.

3. Mr. Anthony

Hey @Uber_Mumbai, booked the WiFi cab while it was showing 6 mins away, couple of mins later the car went in to ocean

4. Mr. Mahesh

@Uber @Uber_BLR ROFL look at this my driver is 1 min away but somewhere in Atlantic Ocean (on a ship?) , Map anyone?

5. Mr. Narayana N

@MeruCabs Booked a meru cab - as per ur app its in africa!!... i need to reach airport.. would it come!!!

6. Mr. Terence

😂 Terence missed his turn RT @Barlowe500 Look how far away my @uber driver is!!!

7. Mr. Das

8. Mr. Kumar

Umm Meru, I think my cab might take a while to reach.

9. This other Mr. Kumar

I booked a cab not a ship @Meru. Going by your GPS my cab is somewhere in the Gulf of Guinea.

10. Mr. Interstate

Apparently my @taxiforsure cab is coming to fetch me all the way from Uttrakhand! Now that's really something :P

11. Mr. Never-Gonna-Make-It

Uber is rather optimistic about the ETA on this one.

12. Mr. Chillin' In A Lake

@Olacabs auto getting some water wash 😜 @Ola_Chennai

13. Mr. Chillin' In Another Lake

@Olacabs Ola auto found in Agara Lake #olalaked #just4fun

14. And Mr. Well-If-Everyone's-Doing-It...

Ola Auto can travel in water too :D #ChaloNiklo @Jigarthandaaa @sreecharan cc : @Olacabs