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    Kumar Sangakkara's Twitter Account Just Posted A Dick Pic And Totally Cocked Him Up

    NSFW. Like, supremely NSFW. (And sorry for the dick puns.)

    Kumar Sangakkara just ended a seminal cricketing career last month and it's been really hard on his fans.

    Well, his Twitter account just shafted all his followers a bit more by putting out this tweet on everyone's timeline.

    The picture was pulled out before it got too much exposure.

    But Twitter, unsurprisingly, still rose to the occasion.

    Any youngsters watching, that's the perfect technique to hold your handle. #Sanga

    It rubbed some people the wrong way.

    Someones tagged me in the screenshot of @KumarSanga2's tweet n now it keeps showing up in my notifications and just..

    If I were him I'd be super pissed.

    I guess that proves once and for all that Kumar is no Mahela...

    But the ball's in his court now.

    @KumarSanga2 hacked by Hardik patel ?

    He’s gonna have to suck it up and take all the jokes coming his way.

    WICKET! Kumar Sangakkara 0. Caught by De Kock, Bowled Willey! Given out by Dickie Bird!

    Sangakkara is hardly the first cricketer to get caught in a sticky situation like this, of course.

    Whoever did this, what a dick move.