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This Desi Makeover Of "Game Of Thrones" Characters Is Totally On Point

And it's the only Indian adaptation of the show that should exist.

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A couple of weeks ago, rumours broke out that Sony Entertainment Television was planning to adapt HBO's cult show Game of Thrones for Indian screens.

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While it turned out to be a hoax, it did give amateur Photoshop junkies a chance to showcase their (mostly) average skills.

Starks&Lannisters dancing for 1000 episodes? What to expect from Indian #GameofThrones remake

That was before pro graphic designer Vishal Dutt decided to go to work.

Vishal Dutt / Via

His project, titled "Kkhel Thrones Ka", gives the ultimate Indian makeover to the show's characters.

Vishal Dutt / Via

The album might not change your mind about an Indian version of the show.

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But hey, if they can make it look this good, it might not be the worst thing in the world.

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Like, seriously.

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So good.

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Who wouldn't watch this show?

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You can check out this amazing album here.