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This Fan Just Tweeted The Script To The Ultimate Shah Rukh Khan Movie

Even the king himself was impressed.

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Over the past couple of decades, Shah Rukh Khan has starred in several dozen films.

Yash Raj Films

He has played pretty much every kind of hero, from bomb defuser to video game character to sumo wrestling-husband.

Yash Raj Films
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Yash Raj Films

Well, Twitter user SharadKandoi just uploaded a script that brings together all of the superstar's biggest hits to create the ultimate SRK film.

If DDLJ had a part 2 @iamsrk @AnushkaSharma #ddlj #epiccinema

So genius was this hypothetical film that King Khan himself had to acknowledge it.

Effectively my whole career in one film...

Even the fans were impressed.

@Sharadkandoi @iamsrk @AnushkaSharma oh what the hell!! It just blew my mind... ah-mazingg. Really.

Most of them anyway.

@iamsrk It proves how many Chutiyapa type movies you have done in your 2Rs Career.

Someone make this movie happen. Now.

India Talkies / Via BuzzFeed