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    Keralites Have Found An Ingenious Way To Deal With Standing In Bank Queues After Demonetisation

    Trust Malayalis to stay ahead of the curve.

    After the government announced the demonetisation of ₹500 and ₹1,000 notes last week, banks and ATMs around India have seen endless queues all day long.

    Diptendu Dutta / AFP / Getty Images

    Indians have been given until December 30 to exchange their now useless notes, and have to temporarily face a daily withdrawal limit of ₹2,500 at ATMs.

    The multiple restrictions have resulted in public inconvenience, chaos, and a few dozen deaths, as people stand in long lines for hours because of the unprecedented rush.

    Diptendu Dutta / AFP / Getty Images

    Now, being part of India's most educated state, Keralites have unsurprisingly come up with an innovative way to avoid this nonsense of standing around doing nothing.

    Instead of waiting in queue, they've just started leaving their names on a piece of paper to take their place, giving them time to chill close by.

    The trend seems to be catching on, with similar photos popping up from all over the place.

    And everyone loves the jugaad being displayed here, for good reason.

    Mallus to queues right now:

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