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John Terry Just Acknowledged That He Was Once The Face Of Cancer In India And He. Was. Pissed

About time tbh.

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Back in 2012, Indian football fans were dealt a strange surprise when they found the then Chelsea captain, John Terry, gracing Gold Flake cigarette packs across the country.

Terry had inexplicably, and unwillingly, become the face of cancer in India, thanks to an anti-smoking drive sanctioned by the government of India.

Findlay Kember / AFP / Getty Images

The image – warning consumers of the ill effects of smoking on one's lungs – was literally sent to cigarette manufacturers by the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, who made them carry it on all their packs by law.

For months, people wondered how and why the health ministry had landed on Terry for a campaign about the risks of smoking, considering that he was a non-smoker (and also a world-class athlete at prime fitness).

has anyone noticed, gold flake cover.. its john terry... how rude is that.. i wonder if john terry even knows about it.

A lot of people also doubted whether Terry even knew that his photo was being used in that way.

Whatever possessed Gold Flake makers to use John Terry's pic on their cigarette packs? Obvious lawsuit.


Even though the image was eventually discontinued, people have forever wondered if Terry was aware that he was used by the Indian government in this way, since he himself has never actually acknowledged the gaffe in public.

And fans have been left highly amused that the news has now reached him.

Finally after years, John Terry realized his image is used on the Gold Flake cigarette box 😂

It should be acknowledged that it seems highly unlikely that Terry was unaware about the faux pas earlier, since it was his own legal team that got in touch with the Indian government to get the image taken down years ago.

Finally it reached #JohnTerry 😂🤣 #GoldFlake #GoraMukesh