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Katrina Kaif Is Being Given An Award For Her Acting And Twitter Is Taking Mad Swipes At Her

Previous winners of the Smita Patil Memorial Award include Tabu, Tanvi Azmi, and Vidya Balan.

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While it's not a stretch to say that Kaif's acting chops aren't on par with the rest of her peers, Twitter users have taken a particularly aggressive amount of offence about the award.

The people who decided to give the Smita Patil award to Katrina Kaif must be smacked in the face. Is there no sense left in this world?

500 year old Mummies gives more expressions on their faces than Katrina Kaif.


Katrina Kaif gets Smita Patil award for her amazing acting talent. .

People have also laid into the jury for deeming her worthy of the honour.

Katrina Kaif receiving Smita Patil Memorial Award is same as Sajid Khan getting an Oscar

They are giving Katrina Kaif the Smita Patil Memorial award. Smita Patil must be turning over in her grave.

But it's not just Twitter users, even fellow industry members have made their disapproval known.

Not @RichaChadha_ , not @ReallySwara ,not @radhika_apte & not Tanishttha Chaterjee, the Smita Patil Memorial award 2016 is for Katrina Kaif.