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    This Mashup Of "Game Of Thrones" And "Kahani Ghar Ghar Ki" Proves They're Basically The Same Show


    About a week ago, the Indian interwebz exploded with rumours that an Indian version of cult sensation "Game of Thrones" was coming to Sony TV.

    TV actress Sakshi Tanwar to star in Indian adaptation of #GameOfThrones

    People did not take too kindly to this development.

    @SonyTV y!! Sakshi Tanwar 2 star in Indian adaptation of ‘Game of Thrones’ #facepalm

    An Indian remake of Game of Thrones. Starring Sakshi Tanwar. "I don't want to live on this planet anymore" says Professor Farnsworth.

    Like, really not.

    @SahilRiz @RootKanal nooooooo don't ruin GOT please god nooooo

    While the outrage coninues, Dafaq In have made a video that shows Indian K-serials and GoT have more in common than you might think.


    We can still hope that the news is just an elaborate April Fools hoax. Till then, LOL at this video.

    View this video on YouTube

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