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Indians Have Hilariously Dismantled Donald Trump's Super Confusing "Covfefe" Tweet

"Covfefe With Trump".

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Earlier this morning, U.S. President Donald Trump posted a fairly incomprehensible tweet that everyone has been scrambling to decode all day.

Twitter: @realdonaldtrump

Not only was the tweet incomplete, the word "covfefe" doesn't actually exist in any known dictionary in the civilised world.

Now, being the world's favourite punching bag, it's no surprise that people from all over have joined hands to make Trump and "covfefe" a truly viral meme.

While it might just seem like an ordinary typo, the internet isn't one to let shit like that go... Especially not the desi internet:



#covfefe reminds of Joey's French from Friends. 😂



New Password: 123456 Twitter: *password too weak* New Password: FarragoCovfefe Twitter: *New phone who's this*