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Today In Peak Joblessness: SRK Just Assigned Full Forms To 24 Random Indian Women's Names

If you're as jobless as him, come find out what King Khan thinks your name means.

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With his next film, Raees, being rescheduled to release in 2017, Shah Rukh Khan seems to have found himself a lot of free time to kill these days.

The film was earlier supposed to come out in July.
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The film was earlier supposed to come out in July.

Today, SRK decided that he would do timepass by tweeting about life lessons he'd learnt from 24 "imaginary" women.

Thank u for 24 years of living and loving. 24 years of having learnt life from 24 beautiful imaginary women. List and lessons to follow…

This exercise in pointlessness was meant to honour Khan completing 24 years in the industry.

What followed was, perhaps, the most blatant display of joblessness ever seen, with Khan deciding to assign (mostly nonsensical) full forms to 24 random women's names.

1. TINA. There is nothing abnormal 2. GENA :Give everyone, not accumulate 3. FAGUN : Fall and get up nonetheless.

In a series of eight tweets, Khan spelt out what he felt each name stood for. TWENTY FOUR names.

We probably should've seen it coming, because it's not the first time SRK has taken to assigning awful full forms where none were needed.

WTF which means What the Filmfare!!! Thank u boys & girls. Next year awards we don’t need any stars to perform.

But at least he did it one at a time back then.

In fact, this isn't even the first time he's acronymed one of the names in his list, as many of his followers pointed out.

@iamsrk TINA means "There is no alternative of hardwork too " u said once :P

To be fair, he thought it stood for something else back in 2010.

TINA stands of There Is No alternative...( to hardwork )

So, you know... If you have any acting to get done, or own an IPL team, or just someone to charm you, you know the guy to call now.

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