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This Twitter Trend Definitively Proves That Indians Never Give Up

The #JugaadNation hashtag shows the hilariously creative ways Indians get shit done no matter what.

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#JugaadNation has been trending in India all day and hundreds of people have used this opportunity to show off their resourcefulness. Here are a few inspirational examples.

1. This DIY battery recharge technique.

2. This resourceful farmer.

Innovative Jugaad in farming. #JugaadNation


3. This chair that's totally safe to sit on again.

#JugaadNation Found this at a Dhaba. Explains it all :) :)

4. This 21st century mirror.

The front camera of your laptop has a few more uses #JugaadNation

5. This movable sign holder.

Couldn't resist this. #JugaadNation

6. This no-handle bicycle.


7. This rolling pin.

8. This car's bumper.

When the front fender gives away #JugaadNation

9. This makeshift multiplug.

@NearDotIn That's Called Jugaad ka Baap #JugaadNation

10. This noise pollution reducer.

What do you think about My jugaad from #JugaadNation Check it out- @NearDotIn Share urs to win


11. This toiletry holder.

@NearDotIn #JugaadNation Jugaad in style.. Use of waste too..

12. This chair stand.

Now it has 2 legs to stsnd on. 😝 #JugaadNation

13. This alcohol dispenser.

14. This assembled computer.

15. This train engine.