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    Posted on 3 Mar 2016

    Uday Chopra Had A Plank-Off With Sunny Leone That She Didn't Actually Sign Up For

    What a champ.

    So Sunny Leone was in the gym earlier in the day and she uploaded a couple of pictures of her doing planks.

    Hardest plank I do w/ @prashantsixpack for 1min Form is important,don't hurt urself!2nd pic u see how difficult :)

    Which is when Uday Chopra chimed in with some appreciation for her form and technique.

    @SunnyLeone @prashantsixpack dayum! I thought I did tough planks but that’s another level. Pure core strength!!!

    Leone replied politely enough...

    Yup I was dying! But I feel great after so I guess that's what matters. Thanks lol

    But Chopra took the conversation to the next level when he decided to float the idea of a planking competition between the two.

    @SunnyLeone Ya I feel like that too. On that note…I’m going to go to the Gym now. We can have a plank competition at some point

    Something that Sunny didn't seem too keen about.

    Haha a plank off? Not sure I would survive but I have a feeling @prashantsixpack would be game to time it...

    But being the enthu cutlet that he is, Chopra decided to accept the self-extended challenge anyway and tweeted a photo of himself doing a plank.

    @SunnyLeone @prashantsixpack challenge accepted! I went a step higher (literally) your turn #PlankOff

    The champion even had one foot in the air just to one-up Leone.

    Twitter: @udaychopra

    Note again that she never actually challenged him to do anything and has, as of now, still not played her turn.


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