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    Posted on 21 Oct 2016

    Pierce Brosnan Claimed That He Was Conned Into Endorsing Pan Bahar And Twitter Lost Its Shit

    "If Pan Bahar is tooth whitener, guthka is acrylic emulsion for walls."

    After being unveiled as the new ambassador for Pan Bahar amidst much social media chatter a few weeks ago, Pierce Brosnan has now claimed that he was tricked into endorsing the brand.

    Pan Bahar

    In a recent interview with People magazine, Brosnan alleged that he was told he would be endorsing a "breath freshener/tooth whitener", and that he had no idea that the product might contain carcinogenic elements.

    Araya Diaz

    Brosnan went on to apologise to "all whom I have offended”.

    While the apology might well be heartfelt, Indian Twitter has been less than kind about Brosnan's apparent obliviousness:


    "Pan Bahar's a tooth whitener" Pierce Brosnan: "Okay" *points to an electricity pole* "...and that's the Qutub Minar" Pierce: "Beautiful"


    Pan Bahar makers fooled James Bond, this itself is the biggest advertisement for Pan Bahar.



    Pierce Brosnan may as well have said that he did the ad because he is tired of Rahul Gandhi's weak leadership.


    Pierce Brosnan didn't know that Pan Bahar has tobacco, just like Salman did't know it was his driver and the Deer commitee sucide.


    Pierce Brosnan thought Pan Bahaar was a tooth whitener ?? Shows how effective the British Secret Service is !


    Pierce Brosnan says he didn't know reality of Pan Bahar before he signed up to advertise. Sounds like a Delhi resident who voted for AAP.


    .@PierceBrosnan bro i want to sell Taj Mahal. Interested?


    Pierce Brosnan thought he was endorsing a, "tooth whitener." Pan Bahar does whiten your teeth. They fall out. Then you get brand new ones.


    So Pierce Brosnan thought Pan Bahaar was a tooth whitener. Even we thought Britishers were smart. Now we are even.


    Pan Bahar is as much a tooth whitener as Donald Trump is a feminist.



    Pierce Brosnan is like an Engineering Student who study whole night for the next day examination, but had no idea what he is studying.😂



    Pierce Brosnan says that he didn't know before association that Pan Bahar kills people. Modi will say the same about Amit Shah one day.


    YouTube: schmoyoho

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