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9 Things Pornhub Just Revealed About How India Watches Porn

TL;DR – It's only growing.

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Pornhub, one of the world's biggest porn sites, recently released the annual study of its users' porn-watching habits. Here are some facts about India that we learnt from it.

1. Indians form the third-highest group of porn watchers in the world, after Americans and Brits.

We gained one position in the past year, overtaking Canada.

2. 30% of Indian porn-viewers are women, a jump of 4% from 2014.

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The world average is just 24%, btw.

3. Indians last 9 min 30 sec per session, which is 10 seconds longer than the world average.


More impressively, it's a jump of over 60 seconds from India's 2014 average. Well done, team.

4. Among the most popular search terms in the country are "Indian bhabhi" and "Indian aunty".

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5. One of the top-gaining search terms from 2014 in India was "romantic sex".

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6. Japanese and Indonesian are the top two foreign nationalities that Indians fap to.

7. And Indians are the most fapped to foreign nationality in the U.K.

8. 60% of Indians watching Pornhub videos did it on their smartphones.

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The number of Indian phone viewers grew over 15% from 2014.

9. And Sunny Leone holds on to her 2014 crown as the most popular adult film star in the country, followed by Mia Khalifa.