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In Defence Of Frivolous Content (Not Really, I Just Wanted To Use FaceApp On Some Indian Celebs)

Listen, I am not a shallow person.

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Which brings me to FaceApp, the latest trend that's all set to take over all your timelines for the next three days, before everyone forgets it ever existed.

Twitter: @Shockraborty

It's an app that adds filters to your face. Like Snapchat. Like MSQRD before it. And, indeed, like Facebook now.


The developers recently apologised after being called racist for having filters that lighten your skin tone.


Little do they know that it has basically no effect on photos of Bollywood's duskiest actresses, because makeup + Photoshop > filters.

Those last two paras have all the information you need about the app. There's really no reason for us to dwell further on the topic. And there's REALLY no reason for me to use it on Indian celebs.