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    13 Sep 2016

    This College Welcome Banner In Kerala With Sunny Leone And Mia Khalifa In Sarees Is Everything

    These guys probably throw one helluva freshers party.

    This is Sree Narayana Polytechnic College in Kottiyam, Kerala. While it may not look like a super fun place from the outside, you should know that appearances can be deceiving...

    Because this was apparently the banner their students put up to greet the new batch – adult film stars Mia Khalifa, Johnny Sins, and current Bollywood celeb Sunny Leone photoshopped into the best welcome sign ever.

    Facebook: thebackbenchersofficial

    The banner reads "Welcome Freshers" in Malayalam.

    The image hit the internet a couple of days ago and has since started making the rounds on all social media, from Facebook to WhatsApp.

    Facebook: thebackbenchersofficial

    This upload alone, on popular meme page The Back Benchers, has over 4,000 likes and almost 1,000 shares.

    People can't get enough of the cheeky banner and the baller seniors who managed to sneak it past management.

    Facebook: thebackbenchersofficial

    TBH, the faculty probably had no idea who the celebs on the banner were.

    A lot of users have also pointed out that this is just the awesomeness of Kerala in action.

    While the rest have just ended up missing college life after seeing the photo.

    Meanwhile, Ms. Leone. Probably.


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