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    Posted on 3 Jun 2016

    Kannada News Channels Lost Their Shit Covering A Crow Sitting On The Chief Minister's Car

    And you thought the Snapchat story was ridiculous.

    Even by their standards, this past week has been pretty damn ridiculous for Indian TV news channels, with Snapchat face-swaps being the dominant story on the airwaves.

    ABP News

    But perhaps the most bizarre story was seen on Kannada news channels when a baby crow dared to land on Chief Minister Siddaramaiah’s car and chill for 10 whole minutes.


    Networks went into a tizzy covering the crow that literally refused to budge, even as the minister's entourage tried their best to shoo it away.


    Apparently, crows are considered inauspicious, and anchors on multiple channels sullenly assessed what this could mean for the CM's future.

    Public TV / Via

    One channel actually brought in a real life astrologer to tell viewers about what a bad omen this calamitous event was for the CM and the state.


    Reminder: The calamitous event is a crow sitting on a car.

    In case you wondering how the story eventually panned out, one baller crew member literally had to lift the crow off the hood of the car


    Welcome to 2016, folks.


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