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    Posted on 6 Jun 2016

    Here's The Truth Behind The Viral Photo Of Those Kerala Women "Protesting" In Lungis

    Spoiler alert: It probably wasn't a protest at all.

    On June 5, this image of a bunch of women in lungis, apparently to protest the banning of jeans in their college in Kerala, started going viral on the internet.

    The image quickly gained traction, and was shared by a whole host of influencers with the same story.

    Unfortunately, while the story itself sounds great, a cursory Google search reveals that the image has been circulating as a WhatsApp forward for at least a year.

    A majority of the stories that use the image seem to think that it was actually a tribute to Telugu superstar Mahesh Babu's look in the 2015 film Srimanthudu.

    But even they seem to have it wrong, as the image predates the release of the film.

    A bunch of Twitter users have pointed out that the photograph is from a college dance competition.

    Whatever the truth, it never hurts to fact check a story before sharing.

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