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    Updated on 6 Dec 2019. Posted on 24 Oct 2017

    15 Haunted Indian Locations You Should Visit With Your Daring Friends

    Who's the most fearless person you know?

    1. The Haunted House of GP Block, Meerut

    This abandoned bungalow has been home to multiple ghost sightings over the years. People have reported seeing four men inside the house, sitting around a single candle on a table. Other witnesses speak of seeing a woman on the roof, and a young girl dressed in red coming out of the house, only to disappear into thin air. The location is a hotbed for enthusiasts of the paranormal.

    2. Vrindavan Society, Thane

    Despite being one of Thane's more posh residential complexes, there's a lot more to this housing society than meets the eye. After a tenant committed suicide by jumping off a roof, strange incidents started taking place on the premises. This includes residents feeling uneasy about a presence in their houses, a guard getting hit on the face by an invisible hand, and people feeling like they're being followed by an entity through the corridors.

    3. Ramoji Film City, Hyderabad

    The fact that this is one of the biggest studios in India has only added to the intrigue behind it. Over the years, multiple inexplicable incidents have taken place here – everything from spotboys getting pushed off heights to strange marks being left on mirrors. While it might look harmless from the outside, the secrets held here are anything but.

    4. Dumas Beach, Gujarat

    Though it looks idyllic in the daytime, this beach near Surat is a different beast after the sun goes down. It is a site to mysterious disappearances, and strange whispers that seemingly come from no source. Said to be home to an old burial ground, only the most fearless would choose to go for a midnight walk here.

    5. The Savoy, Mussoorie

    This exotic hotel has inspired countless creepy urban legends including, according to some, Agatha Christie's classic The Mysterious Affair At Styles. After being found dead under mysterious circumstances in one of the rooms, the spirit of one Lady Frances Garnett-Orme is said to roam the halls at night.

    6. Shaniwar Wada, Pune

    Nishanth Jois / Via Flickr: nishanthjois

    Despite being one of Pune's most famous landmarks, the legends around this monument are far from inviting. It is said that, on full moon nights, you can hear the screams of a young prince who was brutally murdered here. In fact, some people still camp out nearby just to hear the the supposed spirit.

    7. Three Kings Church, Goa

    Navin Sigamany / Via Flickr: gimp

    The picturesque chapel has been of interest to the Indian Paranormal Society for years, following numerous reports of supernatural activity. Legend has it that three Portuguese kings died at the church centuries ago, after fighting for control over the region. Locals believe that their spirits still haunt the area.

    8. Kalpalli Cemetery, Bengaluru

    A cemetery might seem like an obvious choice for paranormal activity, but this one (also known as St. John's Cemetery) has still seen an above average share of spooky incidents. Most of these revolve around people passing by the grounds at night and spotting the spirit of a man lurking about.

    9. Raj Kiran Hotel, Lonavala

    Another favourite amongst hunters of the supernatural, one particular room on the ground floor of this hotel is at the centre of a lot of speculation. Multiple lodgers have reported their sheets being pulled off by an invisible force, and even a ray of blue light at the foot of their bed. If you're in Mumbai and looking for an exciting getaway, this might just be it.

    10. Sanjay Van, New Delhi

    This forested area is widely regarded as Delhi's most haunted location. While the sightings of a woman dressed in a white sari may sound fake and cliched, the sheer number of similar reports hint at something actually sinister at play here.

    11. Kuldhara Village, Rajasthan

    After seven centuries of prosperity, the village of Kuldhara in Jaisalmer is said to have been abandoned overnight by its residents in the 1800s, after a dispute with a royal minister. All that's left of the once-thriving hamlet now are its ruins... Ruins that are said to be cursed and haunted by those who left it all those centuries ago.

    12. Writer's Building, Kolkata

    The Writer's Building is one of Kolkata's more well-known landmarks, and its history is as rich as it is spooky. It is said that an East India Company official, Captain Simpson, was killed by Indian revolutionaries in the building. It is also said that his spirit still resides here, and that you can hear footsteps and voices coming from the dark every night.

    13. Barog Tunnel, Shimla

    After failing to complete the task of constructing Tunnel No. 33 on the Shimla-Kalka railway stretch, engineer Captain Barog went into depression and committed suicide inside the unfinished site. The tunnel was finally completed and named after him, but locals believe that his spirit still haunts it.

    14. House Number W-3, New Delhi

    After the murder of an elderly couple in this Greater Kailash house, locals have refused to even set foot near this area. From loud laughter, creepy whispers, and ear-piercing screams, spending even a few minutes inside this home is not for the easily spooked.

    15. Bhangarh Fort, Rajasthan

    Widely regarded as India's most haunted destination, no one is allowed to enter the premises at night... by government order! Like, the place has literally been acknowledged as creepy on an institutional level. Said to be cursed by an evil sadhu in the 17th century, this is not a place you wanna visit alone.

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