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This Mumbai Comedian's Puns Are So Bad, You Can't Help But Laugh Out Loud

Knock knock. Who's there? Hilariously awful wordplay, that's who.

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Sahil Shah is a stand-up comedian from Mumbai and member of the East India Comedy collective.

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He recently started an Instagram video series called #punaday, which stars him making, well, a pun every day.

And let's just say the wordplay isn't the smartest.

His knock knock jokes are even worse.

But not as bad as his shoe puns.

Seriously, the shoe puns are the worst.

Even bathroom items aren't spared the torture.

There are also severed baby heads involved in some. Don't ask.

Not kidding. Severed baby heads.

But, real talk — all of them are so stupid, they're highlarious.

Check out the entire #punaday series on his Instagram feed.