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    Posted on 13 Oct 2015

    Today's Times Of India Had 14 Full Pages Of Ads And Only 20 Of News


    A lot of readers noticed something amazing in The Times of India this morning. In the first 11 pages of today's edition, 10.5 were just ads.

    I know who is have a great Diwali - TIMES OF INDIA

    In fact, in the entire issue, 14 entire pages were ads. For contrast, 20 carried actual news.

    TOI today did the IRL version of a 5-minute long unskippable YouTube ad.

    Welcome to Diwali sales season, everyone.

    What should be PAGE ONE in any respectable newspaper is actually PAGE NINE in today's Times of India (Delhi edition).

    That's right. These are pages 1-3 of the October 13 edition of the paper.

    The Times Of India

    These are pages 4, 5 and 6

    The Times Of India

    Pages 7 and 8 aren't any different.

    The Times Of India

    In fact, you have to get to page 9 to get the first bit of actual news in the newspaper. (And even half of that page is an ad)

    The Times Of India

    But then, normal service resumes on pages 10 and 11 again.

    The Times Of India

    ToI's finance department right now, probably.

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