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16 Times Bollywood Stars Shut Down Their Trolls Perfectly


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1. When Sonakshi Sinha kicked this professional troll's butt.

2. And when she shut down this hater flawlessly.

3. And when she slammed this hater without breaking a sweat.

4. When Lisa Haydon completely owned this sleaze.

5. When Uday Chopra responded to this comment about his career.

6. And when Uday Chopra responded to this troll.

7. And when Uday Chopra once again proved that he doesn't take all the hate lying down.

8. When Vishakha Singh perfectly silenced a troll who commented “nice boobs” on her Facebook photo.

9. When Abhishek Bachchan took on a troll who made the mistake of mentioning his daughter.

10. When Karan Johar called out a homophobic troll after same-sex marriage was declared legal in the USA.

11. When Twinkle Khanna had this to say about a group attacking her.

12. When Sonam Kapoor was being trolled over a dress, and she made sure the haters knew she had no regrets.

13. When Rishi Kapoor shamed this guy picking on his son.

14. When Hrithik Roshan responded to everyone trolling him for tweeting about "The Dress" a little too late.

15. When Sonakshi Sinha responded to this troll about being a judge on a reality singing show.

16. And when Shah Rukh Khan answered this troll with a sweet and simple response straight from the heart.