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Sooo, There's This Fucking Weird Viral GIF Of Jayalalithaa Getting Turned On While Milking A Cow

This isn't clickbait, it's LITERALLY what it says it is.

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On February 18, Bollyglot GIFs uploaded this supremely creepy scene from an old ass Tamil film starring current Tamil Nadu Chief Minister J. Jayalalithaa.

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The short clip, presented without context, shows Jayalalithaa milking a cow with yesteryears superstar M.G.R. (also a former Tamil Nadu Chief Minister, fun fact) and, perhaps, enjoying the process a little *too* much.

Although the GIF died with a few dozen retweets and Facebook likes initially, it was recently resurrected by user @pal36, who added a little relevance to it in his tweet.

He alluded to the Indian Censor Board's controversial recent record of asking for strict cuts even with the most inoffensive of scenes.

The new tweet got over 1,200 RTs, and can now be found pretty much all over the internet, including Facebook, Reddit, and Tumblr.

Great job, internet. Great job.