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    Everyone On Twitter In India (And Other Former Colonies) Is Making The Same Joke About #Brexit

    The schadenfreude is real.

    While most of the world watches in confusion today, UK citizens are in the midst of deciding whether they want to leave the European Union – an event that has come to be known as the "Brexit" vote.

    Peter Macdiarmid / Getty Images

    In case you wanna catch up, here's a quick refresher that uses Harry Potter GIFs.

    The vote might lead to drastic repercussions for millions of people, but there are some who have taken the opportunity to take digs at the former empire.

    Noah Seelam / AFP / Getty Images

    Basically EVERY country that the Britishers colonised across history.

    The most cutting of these jibes came from India, with people being unable to ignore the irony of Britain voting to LEAVE a place.

    And pretty much all of Indian social media, including Twitter and WhatsApp, has been flooded with the same independence joke.

    The best #Brexit was in 1947, nothing can be bigger than that....🤒

    There are variations on it, of course...

    But the essence is the same.

    In fact, the joke has spread to other former British colonies now.

    The best #Brexit was in the 1700s. #Merica

    Good to see the Australian #Brexit of 1901 still going strong.

    Well, at least the drama is funny to some people, right?

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