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    Posted on 21 Sep 2016

    This Is A Map Of India If The Polar Ice Caps Melted And It's Inspired Some Very Dark Jokes On Reddit

    When everything is doomed, turn to humour.

    National Geographic recently released an interactive map of the Earth if all the ice on land melted.

    Nasa / Getty Images

    The map estimates that sea levels would rise 216 feet, and shows how new coastlines would form around the world.

    Apparently, this is what India would look like if this frightening scenario actually played out.

    Basically, India's coastal regions will almost all be wiped out, including parts of Tamil Nadu, Kerala, West Bengal, and Gujarat. Mumbai and Chennai would be underwater.

    Dharma Productions / Via

    While Nat Geo was hoping to present a very scary future for the planet, it probably didn't count on the string of super dark jokes that it inspired on Reddit India.

    You know what they say about humour being a defence mechanism, right?

    BBC One / Via

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