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    13 Animals Who Are Way More Gangster Than You

    They didn't choose the thug life, the thug life chose them.

    1. Hariyal the parrot, who trash-talked his way right into the slammer.

    2. This secret agent pigeon, who could give James Bond a run for his money.

    3. And this border-jumping monkey, for whom crossing a line ain't no thang.

    4. This deadly elephant, who went to prison and beat the system like a seasoned criminal.

    5. This goat, who got done in for aiding and abetting a robbery.

    6. This buffalo, who wouldn't let a flight take off until it was good and ready.

    7. These three goats, who had to be put in the slammer to cool down after a wild night out.

    8. This dog, who overtook dangerous criminals to become the top priority for an entire district's police force.

    9. These monkeys in New Delhi, who needed 40 humans to bring them under control.

    10. This pig, who brought the country's biggest court to its knees and took out a security guard trying to capture it.

    11. These internet cable-eating monkeys, who had a task force assigned to capture them.

    12. These monkeys, who even Pablo Escobar ain't got nothin' on.

    13. And these gangsta monkeys, who took on the Indian army and got them to appoint armed guards to stay safe.

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