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Diljit Dosanjh Is Totally Exaggerating His Instagram Crush On Gal Gadot For Fans, And It's Hilarious

"Now Kylie's upset too. Should I not express my feelings?"

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At one point, he actually wrote the superhit song "Do You Know" and dedicated it to Kylie.

@KylieJenner #DoYouKnow 👉

For the uninitiated, the video features Dosanjh asking a Kylie Jenner lookalike if she knows how much he loves her.


In a PTI interview, Dosanjh later revealed that even though his crush was real, he was very deliberately putting on a show for his fans, and never actually wanted Jenner to engage.

Things died down on the Diljit Instagram front in the following months. But that was only until last week, when Dosanjh made an appearance in the comments of another international celebrity's Instagram – Wonder Woman Gal Gadot herself.

Instagram: @gal_gadot

He mused about how Gadot looked Punjabi in the photo she had just uploaded. (Fair enough, too. Look at her.)

And, just like last time, Dosanjh is totally playing to the gallery. Last night he left another message for Gadot, telling her about the problems his earlier comment had caused him.

“Because of you, I'm ruined in the Indian media. I just left a comment. 🙈 Kylie’s upset too. Should I not even express what’s in my heart 🙈," Dosanjh wrote this time.


And from fans laughing about how he's got zero chill, to others reminding him that Gadot is a happily married woman, it seems like this is another nonexistent one-sided love story that Dosanjh has got people invested in just for kicks.

And, if things get outta hand like last time, he only has himself to blame.

Love me like Diljit Dosanjh loves Gal Gadot.