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    17 Twitter Accounts You Need To Follow If You Love Bad Puns

    Puntastic People.

    1. @AksharPathak

    Pankaj Udhas dips his french fries in afsauce.

    A group of Modi fans walk in to a coffee shop...

    2. @PunsTurnMeOn

    For an alcoholic, it's always a liver die situation.

    3. @shrutithenaik

    My internet connection just betrayed me. Isse kehte hain bewifi.

    who called them bras and not chestitty belts?

    4. @IyerAvin

    'I laughed yesterday' in Hindi is 'Michael Hussey'.

    Beti Bachao Beti Padhao Beti Ko Joke Sunao Beti LMAO

    5. @kitAnurag

    So if I go to Gujarat and drink alcohol, Ahmedabad guy?

    6. @SahilBulla

    *At the Aladdin audition* Me: I'm going to sing. Casting: Go for it! Me: GENIE MERA DIL LUTIYA OHO! Casting: Please get out.

    People who don't like Agarbattis are really incenseitive.

    7. @rameshsrivats

    The word "Engineer" is derived from "Anjaneyar" (or Hanuman), who built a bridge and didn't hang around with girls. #ItAllHappenedInIndia

    What's the need to arrest Vijay Mallya? He has anyway spent most of his life behind bars. #SelfThoo

    8. @peeteeonyou

    9. @BucketheadCase

    10. @NumbYaar

    Kindle - for the love of reading Kundli - for the reading of love

    SUHAG RAAT without U is SHAG RAAT.

    11. @krazyfrog

    Jackie Shroff's dog is Scoobhidu.

    12. @Oinkoo

    What do you call people who don't believe in going to the gym? Gymnastiks.

    Main Roti rehti hoon, wo Atta hi nahi..

    13. @abhishekmadan

    "How do you pronounce repertoire?" "You know the word 'report' right?" "Yeah" "Now say it like a Bihari" "ripatwa... ohhhh"

    14. @pranavsapra

    Q. How do you know people don't deserve better facilities? A. Tejas Express themselves.

    If you pay for a Patanjali anti hair-fall product with PayTM and apply a valid coupon code, you get keshback!

    15. @GhantaGuy

    When you sit cross-legged for 5 mins

    16. @mihirmodi

    Never say "give me five" to a snake. Woh tumhe dus dega.

    Mosquito bit me 8 times. Mosquito byte.

    17. @floydimus

    Why can't Ross & Phoebe ever drown? Because David Schwimmer & Lisa Kudrow.

    Just stole some energy bars from a store. I'm a joule thief.

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