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    Piers Morgan Bet ₹1 Million Against India At The Olympics, And Indian Twitter Went All In

    By the way, he already lost.

    Earlier last week, international shit-stirrer Piers Morgan decided to poke the hornet's nest that is Indian Twitter by making fun of the country's performance at the Rio Olympics.

    One of the Indians to shut Morgan down just happened to be ex-cricketer Virender Sehwag.

    Things seemed to have died down until last night, when Morgan's home country, England, scored a one-day international world record 444 runs against Pakistan.

    Morgan took this as an opportunity to needle India about their Olympics medal tally again, and made a very public bet against Sehwag.

    However, there was just one problem – India has already won nine Olympic gold medals in the past...

    And Indian users wasted no time in reminding Morgan of that fact.

    Morgan quickly deleted his original tweet and rephrased his bet with Sehwag.

    But people weren't gonna let him go that easy.

    He tried to set the record straight eventually, but he knew he had already got what he wanted...

    To trend in India again.

    This tweet just about sums it up: