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In True Rakhi Sawant Fashion, Rakhi Sawant Wore A Dress With Narendra Modi's Face Across Her Butt

Classic Rakhi.

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Actress and PR genius Rakhi Sawant has never been known for her subtlety when it comes to media stunts.

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Pictured above is Sawant from 2014, when she launched her own political party to contest in Lok Sabha elections.

According to reports, she wore the dress at an event organised by the Federation of Indian Americans to celebrate the 70th Indian Independence Day in Illinois on August 7.

Instagram: @rakhisawant151

There's not much to add here, except that Sawant was pretty successful in her mission to get people talking.

#RakhiSawant she is real FAN :)),,

Congratulations! Proud Moment for all Indians, Rakhi Sawant's #MakeInIndia Costume for PM.