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    18 Products For Anyone Who Loves The Finer Things In Life But Is On A Budget

    Go bougie without spending the big bucks.

    1. This box of Belgian chocolate truffles that are a great way to treat yourself when you accomplish something... or just because it's a Monday - ₹849

    2. A set of six champagne flute glasses to maintain your classy vibe around your house - ₹871

    3. Or a set of wine glasses if that's more your jam - ₹345

    4. This posh geometric wine holder that'll let you sort and display your collection in the best way possible - ₹649

    5. This scented candle and bell jar set that'll look good on any shelf in the house - ₹449

    6. This herbal tea set that comes with the highest seal of approval (Oprah Winfrey herself has including it in her annual list of favourite thing multiple times) - ₹999

    7. This pair of vintage brass binoculars that'll be a great conversation starter once you put it on display - ₹748

    8. This award-winning organic body scrub that'll rejuvenate your skin all over - ₹425

    9. This popular sheet mask that's the perfect way to recharge and refresh after a long day - ₹79

    10. This super-comfy eye mask so you can block out any light that prevents you from sleeping in – ₹299

    11. Or this Mulberry silk sleeping mask that you'll barely feel on your face when you're sleeping - ₹300

    12. A stainless steel French press that'll let you have cafe-quality coffee right at home every day - ₹1,199

    13. This Parker pen set that you should keep handy for when you have important documents to sign - ₹860

    14. This facemask that's made out of 24k gold and will treat you like the royalty you truly are - ₹599

    15. This set of marble coasters that'll level up any dining table - ₹750

    16. This assorted honey box that'll sort you out no matter what your mood - ₹495

    17. This Himalayan Rosewater spray that'll hydrate your face in just a few spritzes - ₹584

    18. And this handy milk frother that'll add the perfect finishing touch to your morning cuppa - ₹999