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Indians Have Taken Over Twitter Today With Hilarious (And Truly Awful) "Fantastic Beasts" Puns

Who called it Twitter and not "Fantastic Tweets And Where To Find Them"?

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The past weekend saw the worldwide release of Fantastic Beasts And Where To Find Them, the Harry Potter spin-off series.

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With everyone talking about the film, comedian Rohan Joshi tweeted this harmless pun on its title earlier today:

Who called it a bakery and not Fantastic Yeasts and Where To Find them?

Then he tweeted another one...

Who called it a dairy farm and not Fantastic Teats and Where To Find them?

And another...

Who called it Poetry Book and not Fantastic Yeats and Where To Find Them?

And before any of his 1.7 million followers knew what had hit them, their timelines were taken over by an unrelenting barrage of Fantastic Beasts puns.

Twitter: mojorojo

It didn't take long for other people to join in the wordplay.

Who called it Parliament and not Fantastic Cheats and Where To Find Them?

Who called it Pornhub and not Fantastic Teats And Where To Find Them?

And less than an hour after Joshi's first tweet, all of Twitter had been assaulted by some world-class Indian punnery.

Who called it Censor Board and not Fantastic Beeps And Where To Find Them?

Who called it a saree and not Fantastic Pleats and Where to Find Them?

@mojorojo who called it @nucleya and not Fantastic beats and where to find them

Who called it Wikipedia and not Fantastic Deets and Where To Find Them

Of course, it didn't take much longer for the entire trend to go completely off-topic...

Who called it Tinder and not Mediocre Times feat. Self-Doubt and Where To Find Them.

Who called it Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them and not We Are Running Out of Ideas To Milk This Franchise?

And, basically, people are already done with it.

who called it timeline and not shitline because that's what it is rn

All of Indian Twitter rn: