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    Abhinav Mukund Had A No-Nonsense Reply To Trolls Making Fun Of His Dark Skin

    "Fair isn't the only lovely or handsome, guys!"

    27-year-old Abhinav Mukund has been playing cricket since he was 10, and his hard work on the field has seen him make his way into the Indian test side.

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    Unfortunately, because some people on the internet are jobless and unnecessarily mean, Mukund has had to deal with a fair number of trolls making fun of his dark skin ever since he hit the spotlight.

    Last night, Mukund decided to address the issue with a heartfelt message to those who've had to deal with name-calling and taunts because of the colour of their skin.

    He wrote about how spending hours playing under the Chennai sun had given him a pronounced tan, but how it was the same hard work that allowed him to become a successful cricketer.

    Mukund further went on to mention who, and what circumstances, had prompted him to post the status.

    His message about being comfortable in your own skin comes just a few months after Abhay Deol has created a stir by calling out Bollywood stars for endorsing fairness creams.

    And Mukund's initiative has been received with nothing but positivity since he posted it.

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