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    Pissed Off Users Have Been Downvoting Flipkart And Airtel's Apps For Being Anti-Net Neutrality

    Never mess with the internet, dudes.

    The Reddit India community has been actively championing the cause of net neutrality over the past few weeks.

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    E-commerce giant Flipkart, meanwhile, has recently signed on to the controversial "Airtel Zero" platform that operates in violation of net neutrality principles.

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    The platform lets users access certain apps for free, while all other apps are left subject to data charges. The non-platform apps and their users are, thus, left at a huge disadvantage.

    Not being ones to forgive and forget, Redditors were called upon to make their voices heard in the most democratic way possible.

    And, boy, did they answer the call.

    It didn't take long for reviews of the Flipkart app to go downhill.

    And reviews for Airtel's app haven't been much better.

    1 star reviews for both apps have been increasing with each passing hour.

    Moral of the story – if you fuck with the internet, the internet will find a way to fuck you right back.

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    Read more about India's ongoing Net Neutrality debate here.

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