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    Everyone Made The Same Joke About Karun Nair's Triple Century

    Coming soon to a WhatsApp group near you.

    Earlier today, Karun Nair became only the second Indian to hit a test match triple century.

    Matt Roberts / Getty Images

    Playing in only his third game, Nair ended on 303* in the ongoing Chennai test against England.

    People were quick to congratulate the 25-year-old on his rare achievement.

    Congratulations on the historic triple century @karun126! We all are delighted & proud of your remarkable feat.

    However, since most Indians have had ~another~ issue on their minds recently, it wasn't surprising that the two current events collided in one giant tweetstorm...

    A tweetstorm with everyone making the exact same joke.

    Mitron, no. of cricketers scoring double & triple centuries has gone up. I told you, now everyone understands the value of 100.

    Even Karun Nair tried to get most 100's he could before Modi could ban it. #KarunNair #TestMatchoftheyear

    Of course, there were some variations to the punchline.

    With already so many modifications in the rules, Modi Ji might just start a new Rs 300 note with Karun Nair's photo on it. #IndvsEng

    I bet Karun Nair was told that he'll be getting his score in Rs 100 notes before going out to out.

    Karun Nair stopped at 300,because he if he reached 500 he would have been invalid . #DeMonetisation effect. #INDVSENG @karun126

    But it was pretty clear what everyone's focus was really on.

    If there was no demonetisation virat kohli could have let karun nair score 400 runs may b 500runs #IndvEng #KarunNair

    So just so you know, the joke's been made.

    Karun Nair converted his 1st ton into a triple century all of us should stop cribbing about not been able to convert our old 500 rs notes