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22 Pictures That Prove Indians Give The Least Fucks In The Entire World


1. No one cares if you reach your destination on time.

2. No one cares about gender.

3. Double entendres have no meaning here...

4. Neither do rules.

5. Labels are mere suggestions.

6. Even the animals here don't give a fuck.

7. They *really* don't give a fuck.

8. Personal safety? Pffft.

9. Modesty isn't high on the list of anyone's priorities...

10. Controlling road rage is even lower on the list.

11. No one will care if the economy goes to shit.

12. No one gives a shit about decorum.

Times Now

13. Age is just a number to us.

Or maybe we just don't like spelling.

14. Brands are for posers.

15. We don't care much for technological advances.

16. Gravity isn't a concern for architects...

17. Or for rocks.

18. No space, no problem.

19. Haircuts are the least of anyone's concern.

20. We design our logos however the fuck we want.

21. We advertise however we want.

22. And, of course, we chill wherever we want.