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    A Lot Of People Think There's A Typo In The New ₹2,000 Notes, But They're All Wrong

    The supposed "error" is just the number two written in Marathi and Konkani.

    On November 8, it was announced that all ₹500 and ₹1,000 notes would be considered illegal currency in India, and that a new ₹2,000 note was being released by the RBI on November 10.

    However, as soon as people got their hands on the new note, a lot of them started pointing out an apparent typo in it.

    According to them, the Hindi word "do" (two) had been misspelt as "don".

    The "typo" was forwarded far and wide, including on Facebook, Twitter, and WhatsApp.

    But even as the rumours started spreading, there was one tiny problem...

    The typo isn't actually a typo.

    Yep, the two instances of "don" on the note are just the number two written in Konkani and Marathi, alongside multiple other regional Indian languages.

    But because everyone loves a good fuck up, the inaccurate observation hasn't shown any signs of letting up.