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Bobby Deol Has Apparently Become A DJ And No One Knows How To Handle This Development

*Reserves passes now*

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While Bobby Deol may not have set the scene on fire with his acting, the dude does have somewhat of a cult presence on the Indian internet, inspiring countless parodies and memes.

I was Kanan Gill for the 90s girls.

This parody Twitter account alone has over 19,500 followers.

So when this poster dropped on the internet, announcing him as the HEADLINING DJ at a gig in Delhi, everyone predictably lost their shit.

The epic gig will take place at RSVP in The Royal Plaza on July 29.
The Royal Plaza

The epic gig will take place at RSVP in The Royal Plaza on July 29.

He even announced the gig on Instagram, saying that he'd be playing the "best of EDM and Bollywood".

Instagram: @welcometogauthamcity

While new beginnings should be encouraged and applauded, there are people who have compared this development to the end of the world.

Others have used the event to unnecessarily sass his film career.

Bobby Deol has finally found his true calling! Delhi. At least it's not his films screening... Show some gratitude!

People need to stop freaking out over Bobby Deol becoming a DJ. We all know that Kajol will be the real headliner in Delhi. #GuptGupt

Even his own parody account doesn't seem too confident about this new career path.

It should be noted that this isn't even his debut. He's played a gigs at a few London clubs before...

Strdel / AFP / Getty Images

But this is the internet, DJ Bobby. Welcome to the most savage place in the universe.