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THAT Scene From The Last "Game Of Thrones" Episode Reminded A Lot Of Indians Of The Exact Same Thing

Meme toh suna hi hoga? Warning — here be spoilers.

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And predictably enough, it gave birth to a lot of memes.

Best come at me bro moment #whitewalkers #GameofThrones


But while the western world went crazy with the image, most of us desis could only picture one thing.

My TL seems to be indicating that the last GoT episode ended with a White Walker doing his best Shah Rukh impression.

Like, seriously.

@GameOfThrones Who says SRK is not inspiring ne more ...even GOT can't ignore his stance :P

Everyone thought the same thing.

Finally the biggest mystery of Game of Thrones is revealed. Shah Rukh Khan is the leader of white walkers XD

Every. Single. One.

And once the likeness was established, the memes started flowing.

Raat ka Raja can give SRK a run for his money


From dialogues...

To GIFs...

To song lyrics.

Har ghadi badal rahi hai roop zindagi

Because SRK transcends everything. #GoTSeason5 #whitewalkers (egged on by @oothikicha)

Fans tried reaching SRK for comments but a reply is still forthcoming.

Sir @iamsrk dekho aapki pose copy kar raha hai. Case daldo ispar. #AskSRK

But if there's one thing for sure, it's the fact that SRK's fandom clearly goes beyond the living.

White walker is an SRK fan. LOL 😂 #GoT @iamsrk


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