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    This Dude Made An Awful Joke About Harassment At High Spirits And His Mom Whooped Him In One Comment

    "I won't serve you any food for the rest of the month."

    Over the past week, multiple women have come forward with claims of harassment against the management of Pune's popular High Spirits Cafe.

    The revelations have kickstarted some important conversations about harassment and assault amongst both men and women online.

    Of course, with every movement come the people who want to joke about it. The High Spirits story was no exception, as this dude's Facebook status proved yesterday:

    Enter the unlikely hero of this story – the dude's mom!

    In one lengthy comment, his mother went to town on him, and tried to explain just why his "joke" was so wrong and how it made light of a very real and serious issue.

    In perhaps the most desi parent move of all time, his mom wrote that she wouldn't be serving him food for the rest of month because she was so offended.

    And if that wasn't enough, this is how she ended her comment – "And before you go complaining to your father about me, I want to thank him for helping me write this".

    Did her son see the light, you ask? Well, he deleted his joke and posted this update a little later.

    The exchange was posted by Twitter user @Brewkenstein, and his tweet already has over a thousand retweets in just a couple of hours.

    There's not much to add to the savagery she already unleashed on her son, so I'll just leave this here: