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    Kejriwal Tweeted About Delhi Having Its Own "Brexit" Referendum And, OBVIOUSLY, Got Trolled

    "When is Bandra having its referendum?"

    Following a tense campaign that had the world transfixed, Britain voted to leave the European Union earlier today.

    Daily Mirror

    While everyone seems to have an opinion, perhaps the most controversial tweet came from Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal, who used the news to push his own plans to seek full statehood for the city.

    After UK referendum, delhi will soon have a referendum on full statehood

    Kejriwal had submitted a draft bill proposing full statehood for Delhi in May 2016.

    People really weren't on board with Kejriwal trying to co-opt this unrelated event to push his own agenda.

    Twitter: @rishabhism

    He became the butt of all the jokes Twitter could think of.

    He also gave birth to a whole new joke format.

    Has Bandra asked for separation yet?

    Waiting for South Mumbai to ask for separation.

    @priyal I demand separation of groundnuts from bhelpuri in any part of India .. It's just wrong to add them in bhelpuri

    Even Kejriwal's parody accounts threatened to shut shop because they thought he was hogging all the good material for himself.

    . @ArvindKejriwal ya to tu bakchodi karle ya mai karlu. am closing my account

    Remember, kids. Always think before you tweet.


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