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This Is What The Cast Of C.I.D. Would Look Like On South Park

Screw you guys, this is the best mashup you'll see today!

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Having premiered in 1998, Sony Entertainment Television's C.I.D. is legit India's longest running TV series of all time. In addition to being a show about India's most elite investigative team, it is also a show about India's least successful investigative team.

Buzzfeed (Sony Entertainment Television) / Via

So when animator Vikrant Jadhav decided to take this long-running cult program from India and fuse it with another long-running cult program from across the pond, how could you do anything except respect its authority, right?

Vikrant Jadhav

Vikrant says he plans to turn this C.I.D-South Park mashup into an animated short in the near future. As ACP Pradyuman would say, "Daya, pata lagao why this hasn't happened sooner!"