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    Here's The Story Behind The Viral Couple Who Danced To "London Thumakda" At Their Wedding

    Spoiler Alert: All of Indian media got their names wrong.

    Meet Michael Falk and Alice Dixon, the couple who went viral in India after a video of them dancing to Queen's "London Thumakda" hit the internet.

    While the original video was uploaded to YouTube in August after their wedding, it blew up last week after a Facebook page picked it up.

    The video incorrectly identified them as "Dave" and "Carol" and got over 1.3 million views in a week after being picked up by a lot of Indian websites.

    Most of them got their names wrong too.

    "We picked the song because Queen's one of our favourite movies, and, well, it's a great song! It was also quite appropriate for us, because we were moving to the UK a few days after the wedding," Falk told BuzzFeed.

    Michael Falk

    "Though it was also inappropriate, because I abandoned Alice at the altar when it starts," he added.

    "Alice and I love Bollywood. We just went and saw Queen in the cinema when it was released in Australia. We try to watch a Bollywood film every week or two, whether a new one or a classic."

    Michael Falk

    The dance was choreographed by Vivienne Cabraja of Mango Dance Studio in Sydney and took the couple a few weeks to learn.

    "We had six hours of lessons. I'm afraid I needed to practice rather a lot. As the video shows, I'm pretty rubbish! But Alice is quite a good dancer."

    "Alice is totally obsessed with everything Indian, and she's infected me with the same disease!"

    You can watch the couple break it down here:

    View this video on YouTube

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