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    This Weird Lingerie Ad Is Going Viral And Nobody Can Figure Out What It's Trying To Say

    Calling Dr. Freud.

    On June 20, this Triumph International ad appeared in the Ceylon Today newspaper in Sri Lanka.

    Ceylon Today

    It didn't take long for people to notice that something was off with the weirdly worded copy.

    And not ONE person could figure out what the ad was trying to say.

    Seriously! What the hell does this mean?? How, what, Why, was the copywriter thinking?! Really disgusting #triumph ad

    Saw this Ad, now am trying to figure out what the Tag line has to do with the lingerie brand. Am I missing something?

    Some people were a little outraged by what the ad seemed to be insinuating.

    Brickbats to the Ad agency who delivered this thought. "Depraved Decadent Daddy's Day".Shameful Triumph shameful

    An all time low from some seriously perverted minds.. #sick

    Seriously - ladies are supposed to buy a better bra to honor their dads?!!!

    A lot were just amused at its sheer WTFness.

    @DinoMorea9 Can't.Stop.Laughing! 😂

    @ReallySwara hahhaha ! I am sure they were referring to " sugar daddies " !!! The copy writer was one 100 % on coke !!

    @DinoMorea9 Aahhahaha😂😂😂😂😂

    Triumph has since apologised for the ad on its Facebook page.

    Facebook: TriumphSriLanka

    But, seriously though.

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